SPP Pumps


Industrial Pump Packages

The primary strength of Phoenix Pump lies in the knowledge of pumping system design, control logic, and specialized construction techniques. Pump packages are custom built to suit virtually any configuration.

Pump Package Features

  • Listing capabilities (UL and FM)
  • Vibration analysis
  • Weld design & procedures
  • Baseplate deflection analysis
  • Welder certification
  • Maintenance access
  • Stress analysis
  • Corrosion studies

Materials Used

We offer an extensive selection of materials of construction. Many choices are available for pump components that come in contact with the pumpage. Factors are different types of corrosion and wear that will affect the pump life.

Types of Industrial Pump Packages

  • Fire Pump
  • Packaged fire water pump packages with and without enclosures
  • Simplex and duplex diesel/electric transfer skid package
  • Storm water
  • Deluxe systems