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Fire Protection Overview

Phoenix Pump has serviced the Fire pump market for over 20 years. We can supply UL Listed and FM Approved fire pumps for onshore as well as offshore. We also are able to comply with the strictest specifications for Fire pumps per NFPA #20.

Be it offshore platforms or onshore facilities, both Floway Pumps and SPP Pumps offer solutions designed and built to NFPA #20, ABS Certified, as well as incorporating specific Customer specifications including Hazardous and Non-Hazardous area classifications. These diesel, electric or both on the same packages can be furnished simplex or duplex in design to include sound attenuation enclosures, on skid flow meter, and limited discharge piping, valves and fittings as required.

Let us help you with your fire protection needs.

Offshore Fire Pumps

With more than 20 years of experience furnishing fire pumps to the offshore industry, Phoenix Pump, Inc. offers Weir Floway Vertical turbine pumps for Fire protection... read more

Onshore Fire Pumps

Approximatley 90% Onshore Fire Pumps are horizontal split case pumps, and 10% Vertical turbine pumps. This is determend by the source of water for the Fire pump... read more

Commercial Fire Pumps

The commercial sprinkler contractors have, on occasion, required short shipping schedules for Fire Water Pumps... read more